The Real Cost of Running your A/C All Day

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to leave your air conditioning running all day. The cost is a major concern for most people. Here are the variables that can affect the cost to help you make an informed decision.

The Real Cost of Running your A/C All Day

  • During the warm months, the temperature can soar into the 90’s or more here in Texas. Turning the A/C off all day can cause the temperature in your home to be extremely uncomfortable by the time you come home from working or shopping.  It may take hours for the A/C unit to bring the temperature to an acceptable level. A more cost effective alternative is to leave the thermostat set at a level that does not let your home go into an extreme heat condition.
  • The air conditioner also controls humidity. Daily high humidity can cause damage to your home. This may not be noticeable on a daily basis, but could cause a major repair expense some time in the future. You may need to install a separate humidifier  to remedy the situation. This may also lead to health problems.
  • The wear and tear on your air conditioning system from running the unit during your away time will not be excessive. Modern equipment is made to handle this kind of use.  Making the system recover from a high heat condition on a daily basis by turning it off for long periods could cause more wear to the parts. Regular maintenance will keep your A/C running smoothly.
  • There is no evidence that turning an A/C unit off and on daily extends the life of the unit. This method can actually decrease the lifespan. You may be sacrificing your family’s comfort for no reason.

The time of year and location of your home also should be taken into consideration  when deciding whether to leave the A/C  running when you are not there. You may want to explore the selection of programmable thermostats that are available. These thermostats can be set to different settings for various times of day. You can program a higher temperature for the time you are not there without turning the system completely off and risking a high heat and humid situation when you return home. You can even create a program that reduces the temperature a short while before you expect to arrive home.

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