My Furnace Is Making A Weird Noise

My Furnace Is Making A Weird NoiseIf your furnace is making a weird noise here are a few possible causes:

Furnace is Making a Whining Noise 

The most common cause of whining furnace noise is a damaged blower motor.  Based on how badly it is malfunctioning, Wayne Price HVAC can either fix it or replace it.  Depending on the age of your system, the part may be under warranty. Also the blower belt may be loose and slipping or frayed.  If the blower belt is slipping it can be fixed, but if it is fraying it will eventually need to be replaced.  Another cause for whining is that the shafts may just need to be oiled with a light lubricant. When you hear this noise, we recommend shutting off the furnace right away. Give Wayne Price HVAC a call and we will gladly send out an experienced HVAC repair technician.

Loud Banging noise when my heater turns on

If your furnace is making a loud banging noise as soon as it turns on don’t panic.  If your ducts are made of metal this may be the reason.  When your blower turns on and off, it can cause your ducts to expand and contract.  If this is the case then it may mean that your duct returns are not the appropriate size or the ducts may be too delicate.  Also, if too much dirt is built up on your furnace, it slows down the igniting which results in a buildup of gas.  When it does ignite it creates a mini explosion that over time can crack the heat exchanger. Wayne Price HVAC stresses the importance of maintenance checks and furnace tune-ups to catch problems before they happen.

Furnace is making a scraping sound

When your furnace is on and it starts to sound like metal is rubbing together than you may have a loose or broken part.  The main part that would be making this noise it the blower wheel.  If you are hearing what sounds like either metal or rubber please give us a call to come out and give it a look before further damage is done. If your furnace is making a weird noise, don’t let it go un-diagnosed. Furnaces, like all machines, will make noise once in awhile but when something begins to sound out of the ordinary please give Wayne Price HVAC a call to help you prevent what could be some costly repairs.

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