Why Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air

If the temperature has started to drop, it is time to switch over from air conditioning to heating. However, if you have made the switch, you may be left checking and double checking your thermostat setting if your vents are churning out nothing but cool air. So if you have made sure that you did not accidentally turn your air conditioning on, here is what is likely causing your heater to blow cold air.

Why Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air

It Needs Time

If you check immediately after you hear your heater kick on, the air will always be cold. Your heater will need a couple minutes before the air even starts to feel warm. It is completely normal for the air to be cool when a heater first starts.

The Fan is On

If you change your fan to “On” instead of “Auto,” then this may explain your problem. When it is set to auto, the fan will only turn on when the heater does. However, if the fan is set to on all the time, the fan runs all the time. This means it is not so much blowing cool air, but just unheated air that circulates throughout your house.

Flame Sensor or Pilot Light Issues

Your heater will use a flame sensor or a pilot light in order to produce heat. However, pilot lights can go out and flame sensors can get dirty and malfunction. When this happens, your heater does not produce heat and needs checked.

Blocked Air Filter

If you cannot remember the last time you checked your air filter, then it could be causing an issue. As an air filter gets dirty, it could cause your heater to overheat and shut off because it cannot get proper air to flow.

Do you have a heater that is blowing cold air? We can help with that. Contact us today to see what Wayne Price Heating & Air Conditioning can do to get your home the proper temperature.

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