Why Install an Air-Source Heat Pump?

You can gain several valuable benefits by installing and using an air-source heat pump. These units offer a convenient way to reduce your expenses, maximize comfort and protect the environment:

Why Install an Air-Source Heat Pump?

1. The equipment requires relatively little upkeep. Owners don’t have to clean ducts or chimneys. Likewise, there are no fuel tanks to maintain.

2. Air-source heat pumps both warm and cool homes in an economical manner. They consume less energy than systems that run on home heating oil, propane or kerosene. This option is even competitive with firewood at moderately cold temperatures.

3. A heat pump minimizes your carbon footprint. During the winter, it extracts warmth from the air. It does the opposite in hot weather. This is more efficient than refrigerating or heating air.

4. Although the power plant may generate pollution elsewhere, an electric heat pump won’t create any smoke or other exhaust. This makes the air in your neighborhood cleaner.

5. These heating and cooling systems don’t dry out indoor air during the winter. On the other hand, forced-air furnaces have a drying effect that promotes eye irritation and sore throats.

6. Unlike ground-source heat pumps, air-source units don’t require excavation. This makes installation faster and less expensive. It also allows the equipment to be placed in a wider range of locations.

7. They’re not silent, but these HVAC systems create comparatively little noise. More noise is produced outdoors than indoors. They’re quieter than window A/C units and some boilers.

8. The vast majority of air-source models only use electrical power. This simplifies installation and eliminates the risk of fuel leaks. It also enables you to run the equipment with a high-capacity generator.

To sum it up, these systems provide an economical, environmentally friendly alternative that cuts maintenance costs. Please contact us to learn more or schedule professional installation.

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