Heating Repair & Installation Specialists Weigh in on Spring Maintenance

As you are using the heater less and less frequently, it is easy to forget about this workhorse that has kept you and the family comfortable over the cold winter months. Although you already know about the importance of fall heater maintenance, our heating repair & installation professionals also want to remind you to schedule a maintenance appointment before you stop the use of the appliance altogether for the season.

Heating Repair & Installation Specialists Weigh in on Spring Maintenance

Oil Furnaces Need a Soot Check

Light soot buildup is normal with oil furnaces. That said, a heavy buildup is a sign of trouble. Our experts look for soot deposits around the heat exchanger, which cuts down on functionality. Usually, this problem is an easy fix of the burner or nozzle. If we notice a problem there, we can warn you that the oil nozzle may require a replacement before fall temperatures get cold.

Gas Furnaces Require a Flame Check

Gas burns blue. When your furnace burns with an orange or yellow flame, it is a good idea to call our experts. In fact, this is something that we check for during a spring heater maintenance appointment. In addition, we check for carbon monoxide readings when the unit is in operation. Finally, we clean around the base, check that the belts are tight and not frayed, and verify the condition of your filter. If it needs replacing, now is a good time.

Although you still want to call us for a fall inspection to ready the unit for use, remember to contact us for a spring inspection, too. Our heating repair & installation specialists can do so before you turn off the unit for the season. If there is a chance that you need to have the heater serviced before using it in fall, you have time to budget for the expense.

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