5 Ways to Eliminate Drafts and Save On Your HVAC Costs

Eliminating drafts during the winter can help you reduce your HVAC costs. Drafts of cold air will cause your heating system to work harder, raising your energy bills. Here are a few ways to reduce drafts during the winter so that you stay warmer.

5 Ways to Eliminate Drafts and Save On Your HVAC Costs

Seal Your Doors

Make sure that drafts aren’t coming in from the sides and under your doors. This is one of the most common sources of drafts. Make sure the weatherstripping around your door is solid. Apply new caulk if you find that there are cracks in the existing caulk. Get a high-quality caulk that can be cleaned with water in case you mess up. Don’t forget to draft-proof the area between the door and the threshold as well.

Seal Your Windows

Windows are also a common source of drafts. You can reduce those drafts by making sure that your window panes are fitted properly without any gaps. Use caulk and high-quality weatherstripping to seal off your windows. In addition, you can use films to insulate your windows while still letting in sunlight and without ruining the view.


Drafts of cold air can also come through your chimney. Make sure you have a good damper. There are also draft stoppers that are sold for fireplaces.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can be a surprising source of winter drafts. Put your hand near the outlet to feel for any cold air. If you feel cold air, remove the cover and apply new caulk. Get a professional to help you if you don’t know what you are doing.

Plumbing Pipes

Similarly, the entrances for plumbing pipes and electrical cables may not be properly insulated. This can cause cold air to enter your walls and home. It can also let in insects and termites.

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