Boost Air Conditioning Filtration Post-COVID-19

The advent of the coronavirus once again put the importance of fresh, clean air in perspective. Because the virus spreads through droplet transmission, local health departments have urged residents to spend time outside when in the company of others. However, some consumers now worry that their air conditioning systems may not be safe any longer. Here is what you need to know.

Boost Air Conditioning Filtration Post-COVID-19

Air Exchange Minimizes Aerosol Droplets

Many customers worry about breathing in the virus particles that someone else in their space breathed out. With a properly functioning air conditioner, you can create an indoor environment that dilutes any contaminants that may be in your air. Because HVAC systems rely on an air exchange that takes in outside air while expelling inside air, you can improve on the quality of the breathable air inside.

Filtration Boosts Indoor Air Quality

When your HVAC system re-circulates the indoor air throughout a structure, there are several filtration points that trap particles. Professionals are in a position to help customers re-evaluate the filters their HVAC systems are currently using. Frequently, there is the opportunity for an upgrade that would allow your system to filter out more contaminants.

Now is the Time for a System Inspection

When a home’s air conditioning unit is not suitable for its size, there is a good chance that it does not provide the cooling you are looking for. Moreover, it will not allow for the adequate filtration of the air. Specialists now emphasize the importance of having systems inspected for functionality and evaluated for suitability.

Rather than dealing with an appliance that struggles to keep up, a simple upgrade or downgrade could be the difference between proper airflow and insufficient filtration. Also, look up at your air conditioning vents. Do they look like they may not have been cleaned in a while? Now may be the time to schedule an appointment for a maintenance visit.

Invest in an Air Purifier

You can reduce airborne dust, allergens, and viruses with LED technology that is installed as in in-duct air purifier. It works to purify the air of the entire home. Wayne Price Heating & Air Conditioning specialists can answer your questions regarding this technology. Call us today!

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