3 Top Reason to Routinely Service Your Air Conditioning Unit

Springtime is here, and one of the dead giveaways is the change of air quality. Like most homeowners, you probably want to know, how to keep nasty allergens out of your house. One process is quite simple, keep your ac unit routinely service each year. Here are 4 important reasons to keep your air conditioning maintained.

3 Top Reason to Routinely Service Your Air Conditioning Unit

Reduce Unwanted Allergens

To reduce pollen, bacteria, and mold from floating throughout your home, schedule a routine check-up for your ac unit. Leaks, dirt, and clogged filters are a few of the main culprits to compromise your air quality. A professional technician will make sure the system is clean and operating efficiently.

Save on Monthly Energy Bill

Minor issues with an ac unit often lead to larger problems. AC units which are not routinely maintained work overtime to cool your home. When the unit stays on longer, you will notice your energy bill climbing. To help reduce stress on the system, you can change the air filter for the system every 30 days. Although many units today are designed with built-in stabilizers, adjustable temperature features, and anti-dust filters, these units still require a routine maintenance. However, if you are using an older model unit, your system does not have the newest features and definitely shouldn’t wait on a check-up.  A professional technician is trained to identify these issues and fix them.

Reduce Stress on System

A yearly exam of the system also keeps it functioning at its peak. For every year an ac unit is not serviced, it loses its effectiveness by 5 percent. A unit that is never serviced loses its effectiveness by 5 percent each year, ultimately, needed excessive repairs. However, a yearly maintenance on the system will identify the problem in time before repairs need to be made, ultimately, saving you money. To schedule a routine check-up for your unit today contact us, today.

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