What to Know About your HVAC System When Away from Home

Is It Okay To Leave Your AC On?

Air conditioners are generally the most power-hungry appliances in a house; hence, many people prefer to turn them off to conserve energy. If you are away from home for a short period, you may leave your air conditioner on — just set it to a higher setting. But if you are gone for an extended amount of time, it’s better to shut your air conditioner system off entirely.

When you turn off your AC, mold and mildew are more prone to grow, and wood or paper may distort as a result. Another potential issue is that the additional high interior temperatures created by turning off your air conditioner might be hazardous to your pet or houseplants.

What to Know About your HVAC System When Away from Home


Benefits of Leaving Your Air Conditioner On?

Air conditioning not only cools your home; it also regulates humidity levels. The humidity in your home should not be more than 50% for maximum comfort and health. You’ll have condensation and other frequent humidity-related issues if it’s higher. Leaving the AC off for extended periods allows mold and pests to gather in the elevated humidity.

It’s not ideal to come home after a hard day to heated, unpleasant conditions. Set your air conditioner between 10 and 15 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature for the best cooling and comfort. Keeping the air conditioner operating by these rules makes it easier for your unit to regulate the temperature inside your house when you get home.

Air conditioners use a lot of effort to get rid of humidity from the house using an evaporator coil. When you want to attain much lower temperatures than the outdoor air, the central ac unit needs to work twice as hard. The goal is to keep within 15 degrees of the ambient air temperature.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the air moving in your home while you are gone will ensure the system is doing a crucial part of its work; keeping the humidity low inside. Moisture traps heat, making your system work harder to cool off the house when you return. Furthermore, excess moisture can affect other aspects of your home, such as wood flooring, doors, and cabinets.

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