Should I Turn Off the AC?

As the weather warms up outside, air conditioners are turned on to create a satisfying, comfortable temperature inside.  When leaving for work, errands, or fun, many people wonder if turning off the air conditioning is the right choice while they are away from home.  If your HVAC system is running well, it will save you money to leave your air conditioning running while you are away.  There are things you can do to make sure you are ready to run your AC.

Should I Turn Off the AC?

Check Your System

It’s a good idea to do a yearly check-up on your HVAC system to make sure it is in optimal condition. If your system is working well, you won’t need to do anything when you leave the house.  The system will maintain the temperature with a very small effort. If your HVAC system needs an update, then you can discuss options before you are left without cool air in the middle of a hot summer’s day.

Turn on the Fan

While you are away from home, you can turn on the AC fan to run on a very hot day. Using the fan will move the air in your house without blowing more cold air in. Of course, the system will turn on if the temperature you have set is reached.  Often, running the fan is as simple as pressing a few buttons on your control panel in your home.

Cost Effective

You might think that turning off the air conditioning might save you money when you are away, but when you return to your home and then reset the temperature, you will find that this takes more effort for your system and in turn costs you more money over time. When the weather outside is especially warm, you can maintain the temperature of your house and save some money by leaving your AC running when you are gone.

If you have any questions about how to get the most out of your HVAC system and make sure your AC is ready for the warmer months, contact us at Wayne Price Heating and Air Conditioning.

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