Top 4 AC Maintenance Tasks to Accomplish Before Spring

Top 4 AC Maintenance Tasks to Accomplish Before SpringSpring is right around the corner. Your air conditioning unit has made it through the winter and will soon keep you comfortable when the hot weather comes to stay. Is your unit ready for the task? You should undertake these four maintenance tasks today to ensure that the AC will be functional.

  1. Clean the compressor. The outdoor part of the system takes the brunt of the detritus that accumulates around the house during the cold winter months. Get out the shop vacuum to remove dried leaves, dead grass and bug carcasses from around the unit.
  2. Change the filter. The U.S. Department of Energy reveals that the replacement of a clogged filter can reduce energy consumption of the AC unit by five percent to 15 percent. If you have invested in reusable filters, give them a good cleaning to ready them for use again.
  3. Vacuum around the thermostat. If dust buildup is clogging the air conditioner’s thermostat, you cannot accurately set its usage parameters. Simply use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to remove any dust or pet dander buildup on or around the unit.
  4. Call a professional. These pros clean the condenser coil, lubricate moving parts, handle any refrigerant problems, ensure proper airflow through the system and tighten whatever belts and nuts may have loosened over the winter.

Proper air conditioning unit maintenance before a first summer use has the added advantage of preventing any problems down the line that might call for costly repairs. It can also tip you off to future expenses before you actually have to face them. Being able to budget ahead of time for repairs or parts upgrades is a great way of keeping your budget intact. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner service appointment.

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