5 More Ways to Eliminate Drafts and Save On Your HVAC Costs

Do you know where the air leaks in your home are? Many homes have air leaks that are letting in cold air during the winter, and many homeowners are oblivious to them. You can often identify air leaks and drafts on windy days with a candle. Here are five more ways to reduce drafts and air leaks during the winter.

5 More Ways to Eliminate Drafts and Save On Your HVAC Costs

Use a Vestibule

Whenever you open your front door, you let in a blast of cold air that will spread throughout your home and cool it down. One way to stop this is by building a small vestibule for your front door so that there are two doors, one leading to outside and one leading from the vestibule to the inside of your home. This vestibule can be built inside, or you can build walls for your front porch.


Your basement floor should be properly insulated as well. Make sure there are no gaps between the walls and the foundation. You can also install rugs or carpets on all of your floors in order to retain the heat inside your home.


Attics are often overlooked when insulating a home. Even if you don’t use your attic regularly, you should still insulate it. Pay extra attention to things like exhaust fans and pipe entrances. Even if you don’t do that, at least insulate the ceiling that separates your home from your attic. Many people forget to properly insulate the trapdoor to the attic as well.

Stop the Wind

Winter winds can penetrate your walls and insulation and cool off your home. You can help block those winds by adding shrubbery around your home.

Check Your Siding

Finally, check your external siding. If some of it is cracked or broken, replace those parts.

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