Our HVAC Experts Also Specialize in Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Summer is traditionally the time for air conditioning repair service calls. However, more and more homeowners also notice that fall is an excellent time to install a chimney cap. Working with an HVAC professional who can customize a sheet metal fabrication for your chimney cap makes the most sense.Our HVAC Experts Also Specialize in Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Chimney Caps Keep Animals Out

Birds have been known to make their nests in chimneys. Raccoons and squirrels are not far behind. These animals may eventually move on, but they frequently leave behind insect infestations. Winged insects easily move on from the chimney to your ductwork. Suddenly, you are dealing with flies or other vermin whenever you turn on your AC in the summer. In winter, the insects may cause unpleasant smells during heater use.

Custom Caps Support Your Use of the Chimney

Sheet metal fabrication that can adjust the size and shape to your needs is instrumental in meeting your chimney use needs. Homeowners have noticed that some generic caps with standard mesh sides tend to clog. The problem is the gradual accumulation of soot, ash, or creosote. Avoiding this problem is possible by having your chimney cap custom-made to the size specifications of your setup.

Cut Down on Mold, Mildew, and Dust

The caps also prevent rainwater from running into your chimney. If it is allowed to do so unhindered, it is possible for mold and mildew to build up in areas of the chimney’s interior. Spores enter the air of your home and travel into the ductwork. The same is true for the dust that comes from leaves and twigs, which fall into the chimney. By cutting off one avenue of introducing air pollutants into the home, you boost the longevity of your heating and air conditioning ducts and hardware.

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