5 Signs You Need a New Heat Pump

Your heat pump keeps your home comfortable throughout the year. While your heat pump will last for a long time, it won’t last forever. Here are five warning signs that your heat pump needs to be replaced.

5 Signs You Need a New Heat Pump

Inconsistent temperatures. Your heat pump should provide a consistent air temperature throughout your home. If certain rooms are always too cold or too warm, it’s a sign of trouble with your HVAC system. You should contact a repair expert for help.

Frequent need for repairs. It is normal for your heat pump to need repairs once in a while. But when breakdowns occur over and over again, it’s time to consider replacing your unit. The costs of constant repairs will eventually become as high as the cost of replacement, if not even higher. You should look into replacing your heat pump if it needs repairs more than twice in 12 months, or if the repair cost is more than half of the cost of a replacement.  

Unusual sounds. Your heat pump should operate fairly quietly. If you hear loud screeching, rattling, or grinding sounds, it could indicate a serious problem. Have your unit inspected by an HVAC professional as soon as possible.

Spike in your energy bills. Your heat pump will run less efficiently as it gets older, running longer and using more energy. A sudden increase in your energy costs is a sign that it’s time for a new heat pump.

Old age. Even a properly-maintained heat pump will eventually need to be replaced. Most heat pumps have a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. As your system ages, it will become less efficient and need repairs more often. It may be more cost-effective to replace your heat pump before an expensive breakdown occurs.

If you’re ready for a new heat pump, or if your existing unit needs attention, contact us today. We’re ready to help you with any of your heating repair or installation needs.   

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