3 Factors That Determine AC Installation Time

You’ve noticed that your air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to be. Maybe it is blowing out warm air or taking a long time to cool the home. It sounds like it is time to get a new AC unit. Two major factors will determine your AC installation time: your home’s size and the location of your unit.

3 Factors That Determine AC Installation Time

Size of Your Home

The size of your home dictates both the size of the unit you will need and whether you will need one unit or multiple. If you have a larger home, you will need a larger unit that can be more difficult to install, lengthening the installation process. You could also potentially need multiple units, which will extend the installation time. If your home is smaller, you will only need one unit, which will shorten the installation time.

Location of the Unit

If your AC unit is located in an easily accessible location, this will make the installation process shorter. A difficult to access unit location will increase your installation time. The installer has to move all the equipment needed to where the unit is being installed, so if it is a small area, he or she will have to make multiple trips to get everything they need, which will lengthen installation time.

Replacement Unit

If you are having an air conditioning unit installed for the first time, this will make the installation process much longer. In this case, the installer will have to not only install the air conditioning unit, but they will have to install all the accompanying ductwork as well. When having a new unit installed, your home’s size and the unit’s location will add time to the installation process on top of installing the unit and ductwork.

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