3 Signs Your AC Needs Repair

You rely on your AC to keep your home cool and cozy. But, there are times when it’s going to need some type of repair. Read on to find out 3 signs your AC needs repair.

3 Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Things Are Heating Up

You’re sitting in your favorite easy chair relaxing with your favorite beverage. All of a sudden, you realize it’s starting to feel like Summer in your home. Now you wonder, did you forget to clean the filter? Does it need refrigerant?  The most obvious sign that your AC needs repair is when it’s not doing its job.

What’s That Smell?

An AC takes humidity out of the air in your home. If it’s not able to drain that humidity turned water, it’ll just sit inside the unit.  When that happens, the water will become stagnant and give off a smell sort of like dirty socks. This is a sign that your AC needs repair.

Did You Hear That?

Has your AC started making sounds you aren’t used to hearing? Odd sounds you might hear are a clicking, banging, or squealing. The banging usually happens when something is broke inside the unit, or the compressor may be going out. If the fan or the blower is giving up the ghost, you might hear that awful squealing. Any time you hear an unusual sound coming from your AC, it most likely needs attention.

DIY? Oh, No!

If your AC isn’t cooling like it should, is giving off a nasty smell, or sounds like it’s falling apart, make sure you pay attention. While you can do a few things yourself, like keeping the filter clean, actual repairs need the attention of a trained, qualified professional. If you try it yourself, you might make things worse. The smart thing to do is contact us ASAP to have a repairman take a look.

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