6 Signs You Need an A/C Repair

Does something not seem right with your A/C unit? Are you noticing unusual things? Here are five signs you may need an A/C repair.

6 Signs You Need an A/C Repair

Warm Air

Have you noticed warm air is coming from your A/C unit rather than cold air? This could be an airflow or compressor issue. Before fearing the worst, ensure your thermostat is set to cooling mode. If there is still warm air coming out, call a professional.

High Humidity Levels

During warm weather periods, it’s natural to have a lot of humidity outside. However, if you feel the humidity makes its way into your home, you have a problem. Your air conditioner is designed to keep humidity at a moderate level. If it allows high amounts of humidity into your home, something is not working correctly, and you should have it looked at.


Your A/C unit is exposed to a lot, and it is possible that dirt and grime could accumulate in it and cause odors. Your air conditioner can also develop bacteria that can have a smell as well. If you call out a professional, they can tell you what type of cleaning needs to be done to eliminate the odor.

Water Leaks

Water and refrigerant are natural parts of the process of your A/C unit running. However, these two liquids should be staying in the unit. If there is a pool of water or a refrigerant leak around your air conditioner, call out a professional. Water damage can be extremely detrimental to your home and your A/C unit.

Unusual Sounds

A properly functioning air conditioner makes noises, such as humming, but certain noises aren’t normal. If you hear rattling, buzzing, whistling, or grinding, it’s time to have someone out to take a look.

We want to help you with your air conditioning needs. If you need an A/C repair, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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