Why Is Your Heater Manifesting Cold Spots?

If there is one common call that heating repair technicians get, it is the classic case of the cold spot in the home. It can happen to anyone. Your heater works just fine, for the most part. However, one or two rooms are significantly and noticeably colder than the rest of your house no matter what the temperature is set to. What causes this?

Why Is Your Heater Manifesting Cold Spots?

In most cases, cold spots are caused by issues in the duct work rather than the actual heater. What happens is that somewhere in the ducts between the heater and the vent, heat is hemorrhaging. Typically this comes from holes or even minor or partial blockages in the ducts. This means that the heat is not getting all the way to the room that is colder.

It is also worth considering that if your cold spot is happening in a room on the complete opposite side of the house from your heater, it might not be a duct issue. The further a room is from the heater, the less efficient it will be heated. Furthermore, if you have a heater that is too small for the home you live in, this could effect the heating efficiency as well.

If you have cold spots, it is something that needs to be looked into. If you use a cold room frequently, you don’t want it to be uncomfortable. You may try to supplement it with a space heater, but that can be a fire hazard, not to mention it will raise your energy bills quite impressively. If the cold spot is the result of a far heater, there may not be much you can do. However, by contacting us as soon as you notice a heating problem, we can help you solve cold spots quickly and get back to enjoying your toasty home right away.

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