Air Conditioning Inefficiency: Fact or Fiction?

Not too long ago, the USA Today published an article that connected the use of air conditioners in the United States with greenhouses gasses and a worldwide “chilly nemesis.” Is this suggestion grounded in truth or is there some air conditioning hyperbole involved here?

Air Conditioning Inefficiency: Fact or Fiction?

What the Government Says

According to the Department of Energy, 66.67 percent of American households have air conditioning units. These use 5 percent of electricity produced, which results in a collective cost of $11 billion to homeowners. These units release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to the tune of 100 million tons a year.

That said, high-efficiency units are far superior to older models when it comes to using electricity sparingly. In addition, regular maintenance of the units, weatherproofing your home, and other steps could result in energy usage reductions of up to 50 percent.

Being Part of the Solution

It is true that an inefficient unit draws more electricity than one that is in good working condition. Although the newspaper story adds a bit of hyperbole to the mix, it is fair to say that the consumer is in the driver’s seat when it comes to ensuring energy efficiency of this, and other, appliances in the home. Our Wylie, Texas, AC repair experts offer you five suggestions to be part of the solution.

  1. Schedule regular maintenance appointments. Regular tune-ups keep your AC unit humming along at its top-level performance.
  2. Make repairs quickly. When you know that your unit is in need of a fix, do not delay it.
  3. Consider a unit replacement. If your current model has been installed for a decade or longer, invite one of our friendly technicians to see if it should be replaced.
  4. Get expert input before choosing a new model. One of the main reasons that a unit operates inefficiently is its size. You need an air conditioning unit that is sized properly for your home.
  5. Work with the best in the business. Our experts undergo rigorous training and continuing education to use the latest technology in our trade. Contact us to learn more about your options and to save electricity on staying cool in hot weather.

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