Advantages of a Heat Pump System

Having a comfortable home every season of the year is important to all of us, and the temperature in our homes is one of the most vital factors to that comfort. If you’re looking for heating and cooling solutions, consider a heat pump system. Hot summers and mild winters — like we have lived in the south — make the perfect climate for this type of system in your home.

Advantages of a Heat Pump System

A heat pump pumps out the hot air in the summer to cool your home and brings in warmth from the outside in the winter to heat your home. This is one of the most efficient systems available for regulating temperatures. It keeps your house temperature consistent and thus comfortable for you and your family.

Additional Advantages of a Heat Pump:

* A heat pump keeps the air moister in the winter, so you don’t need a humidifier to combat dry skin, which people often suffer with in colder temperatures.

* Electrical heat pumps require no combustible materials, so they’re safer, cleaner and odorless. They’re a perfect “green” option since pollutants aren’t released into the environment.

* After the initial expense of installation, they’re cheaper to use in the long run because of their efficiency and long life expectancy. They also usually come with long warranties.

* Most units produce a lot of noise, which can become an irritant. With an electrical heat pump, the compressor sits outside your home, which makes the entire system much quieter.

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