Should a Heat Pump Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Don’t be fooled by the name, a heat pump may be well known for its ability to heat your home, but it can also serve to cool it as well. The way a heat pump works is that it takes heat energy from the air, even if it is very cold, and pumps it into your home. However, it also comes with a reversing valve. This means it can then cool your home as well by reversing the process.

Should a Heat Pump Replace Your Air Conditioner?

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you should give heat pumps consideration. The major benefit is that they are very efficient at both heating and cooling, ultimately saving you money. However, if you already have heating installed, do you really want to install a heat pump as your air conditioner?

Heat pumps come with one major flaw – they can struggle in severe cold to heat a home. This is interesting considering that most people think of them as only heaters. However, they actually work really well to cool your home as they don’t suffer under that one flaw. In order to deal with their flaw, homeowners are often advised to have a back up heater installed. This means if you have a heat source already, but your air conditioner has gone out, choosing a heat pump may be the perfect option.

In this situation, you have the perfect home for the heat pump. You get energy efficient heating and cooling from it. However, if you live in a cold area, you already have a potential back up heating option installed when your heat pump begins to struggle. It ends up being an excellent and cost-effective investment for your home.

If you want to learn more about heat pumps and if they are right for your home, contact us today. Let us help you solve all your heating and cooling woes.

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