Three Ways to Avoid An Unnecessary AC Repair

Your air conditioner is the most important appliance you have in the summer. You’re okay if the oven breaks or the washing machine overflows. However, if there’s a problem with the AC, panic ensues.

Three Ways to Avoid An Unnecessary AC Repair

No Need to Panic

Okay, we may be exaggerating about your concern level for other appliances. Still, you can probably stand hand-washing your clothes over sweating uncontrollably if the air conditioner fails. And the sweat isn’t only because of the heat. It’s also a fear of how much the AC repair is going to cost you.

Thing is, you don’t need to panic, because the repair may be something you can avoid ahead of time. All you need is a few minutes each week to run some checks. Here are three ways you can avoid an unnecessary AC repairs.

Clean Your Air Filter

This is probably the most common reason for your AC to fail. A dirty air filter causes elements in your air conditioner to freeze, thus stopping a cool flow into your home. No matter what type of filter you have, it must be replaced every two to three months. In fact, you want to replace it earlier when the AC is constantly running.

Wash Down the AC Unit

This is quite critical when you live in an area with a lot of pollen. As it accumulates on the AC unit it clogs the vents and bogs down the machinery. If not done on a regular basis, it can cause burnouts on items like the starter motor. Depending on how hot and dry it is, wash down the exterior of the AC unit as much as possible.

Don’t Run at Low Temperatures

It may be 95 outside but turning the thermostat to 65 won’t cool your house any quicker. In fact, if the house or AC faces the sun, it may never get that cool. All it will do is run the fan and cooling unit for hours without a break, thus shortening the unit’s lifespan. Keeping the thermostat at 72 degrees or above keeps your home’s interior comfortable.

Eager to learn more about extending the life of your AC? contact us and ask for a home energy assessment.

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