Why There Might Be A Burning Smell When You Turn On Your Heating Unit

The cold season is here with us. At this time, temperatures are expected to drop. This means that you should get ready to tune up your heater to prepare for the winter. But as you do that, you might be met with an unpleasant burning smell. While some odors require the immediate action of HVAC experts, others are common. So if you have experienced a burning smell, don’t fret! Here is what exactly is wrong and what you can do about it.

3 Common Causes of Burning Smells From Your Heater

Dusty Furnace

The most common source of a burning sensation when you initially switch on your heater is dust accumulation on your furnace. Since the last time you probably used your heater was the previous winter season, the dust has likely collected on your furnace. This dust starts to burn off the first time you use it after being idle for a long time, frequently filling the house with the scent of burning plastic.

Without touching it, look over your appliance to check whether any dust has accumulated. Allow your appliance to operate normally for around 10 minutes to check if the odor goes away if you think dust could be the source of your problem. If the smell continues, turn off your unit and contact an HVAC expert.

Debris Confined in the Furnace

If your home has central heating and different vents, try to identify which room the burning odor is coming from. If you are successful, the smell may be coming from something caught inside your vent. Try getting to the vent if you can identify the room where the odor is emanating. Open it or look inside if you can.

An element of the heating mechanism or another thing that is stuck inside might be visible. Check to see if you can safely remove the material from your vent before waiting to see if the heater’s burning odor persists. You should contact an HVAC expert for help if you can’t properly remove it or if the smell doesn’t go away.

Damaged Electrical Wires

If your heater is emitting a burning electrical odor, you may have a significant electrical issue. The electrical wiring in your system may become damaged due to improper installation, normal wear and tear with time, or both. If your wiring is faulty, it may lead to a shattered heat exchanger, an overheated blower motor, or a myriad of other issues that you’d probably prefer to avoid.

Turn off your heater right away and call a certified HVAC technician to remedy the issue if you think an electrical fault may be to blame for the burning smell.

A great way to avoid unwarranted heater odors is to schedule regular service at least once a year with an HVAC expert. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your heater and ensures it performs optimally. To learn more about the causes of a burning odor in your furnace, visit Wayne Price Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us (contact us) today to learn about our services.

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