Not Sure How to Handle Duct Problems? AC Repair Experts to the Rescue!

Your ducts are most likely not something you think about too often. In fact, you may not even realize the extent of your home’s duct work. But when the air in your home suddenly turns stuffy, and there is no real air movement in your rooms, it may be there that the duct problems exist. Our AC repair experts usually find that fixing the problem calls for some investigative work and perhaps some duct maintenance.

Not Sure How to Handle Duct Problems? AC Repair Experts to the Rescue!

Blockages and Clogs

Sometimes, a mechanical blockage prevents air from flowing through a vent. Occasionally, this obstruction is on this side of the duct. Our technicians have visited homes where some residents did not like the cold airflow and decided to block the vents with furniture or even tape them shut. The homeowner did not realize that this was the case.

At other times, the ducts are clogged on the other side of the vent. We frequently run into this problem after construction has been done on a home. Contractors may have neglected to clean out the duct work affected by tear-downs, which results in blockages of some runs. Other blockages consist of plush toys that somehow managed to get pushed into the ducts.

A Word on Duct Tape

Every once in a while, we run across a duct system that leaks air because of improper sealing. For example, if a handyman used duct tape, which is not a good option for duct work, to seal connecting seams, it is possible that the tape has come off and now allows the air to leak out of your system. You lose money and cold air if you do not address this problem swiftly.

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