Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with a Dust Free® Active Air Purifier

If you or a family member suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, you may want to consider having your indoor air quality tested. Contaminants such as gases from building materials, paint, furniture, and carpeting, and tobacco smoke can all lower the quality of the air you breathe, thus making you sicker. A Dust Free® Active Air Purifier will help improve the air quality and your overall health and well-being.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with a Dust Free® Active Air Purifier

What is a Dust Free® Active Air Purifier?

The Dust Free® Active is an air purifier that is installed in the input ducts of your HVAC system where it interacts with the air as it enters your home. Using an ionization system and eco-friendly oxidizers, the system purifies the air before it’s released into the ducts.

What Contaminants Does Dust Free® Active Remove?

Indoor air quality can be affected by biological growth such as mold and mildew, bacteria, strong scents and odors, VOC’s, and other pollutants, in the air and on surfaces. All of these things can cause respiratory distress and a worsening of breathing problems. This in-duct whole house air purifier will remove these contaminants, and more, from the air, so you can breathe easier.

Cleaner Air and a Cleaner Home

Dust and dander are major contributors to poor indoor air quality and your home’s ductwork is likely to blame. When dust and dander get into the ducts, it spreads throughout the house. With an in-duct system like a Dust Free® Active Air Purifier installed, you’ll find less dust collecting in your home. That means you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life.

Learn More About Whole House Air Purification Today

If you’re concerned about your indoor air quality, contact us at Wayne Price Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll be happy to test your indoor air quality and to discuss whether a Dust Free® Active Air Purifier is right for you.

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