3 Smart Ways to Prepare Your AC Unit for Fall

As the warmer months slowly fade away, it’s time to think of ways to prepare your air conditioner for the fall. Most people forget about maintenance of their air unit as the cooler months approach. It is wise to think about the future of your air unit. When spring and summer roll around again, you will want your ac unit in good shape and ready to blow cool air. Here are 3 easy tips to keep your air conditioner in tip-top operating shape.

3 Smart Ways to Prepare Your AC Unit for Fall

Clear AC Unit of Debris

Remove outdoor furniture, lawn tools, debris, and other items that could block the ac unit. It is quite common for outdoor debris to build up outside during the hot months. Check to ensure the unit is free of leaves, dirt, and other small items that might clog the unit. A small water hose can be used to clear away the debris. Great airflow is essential to a well-operating air conditioner.

Check Air Filter for Potential Replacement

Air filters are quick to collect dust and dirt. Dirty filters can cause trouble for an ac unit and keep unsafe allergens blowing throughout the home. Save yourself a step in the spring and go ahead and change your air filter. Most furnace units use the same filters during the colder months. So, changing the filter will also prepare your heating unit to function well.

Schedule a Maintenance Tune-up

Fall time is perfect to get your unit checked by a HVAC expert. The expert can perform a preventative maintenance routine check and assess whether it is time to replace your old unit.

Preparing your unit ahead of the warmer months puts you ahead of any potential problems before needed to run the air conditioner. Since most HVAC professional are not quite as busy as summer months, it is easier to schedule an appointment. To get your air conditioner properly diagnosed and ready for fall contact us today.

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