Tips to Save Money on your Office Cooling Bills

Walking into the office from the cold on a chilly morning to find the furnace running can be very relieving. Similarly, enjoying the cool air from the air conditioning on a hot working day is also very relieving for everybody at the office. While these are luxuries that we all enjoy, it can be very expensive for the company or management due to bills especially where these systems are inefficient. However, office management and staff can still enjoy the services of the AC without feeling the pinch of expensive energy bills, especially considering the high energy costs by applying these simple skills.

Tips to Save Money on your Office Cooling Bills

Carrying Out an Energy Audit

The office space that you work in is probably refurbished and has had any given number of former leasers or renters. Carrying out an energy audit or having it carried out for you enables you to make an assessment of whether the cool air being produced by your AC or HVAC system is getting lost as it may need you to keep the AC on for longer, hence the high bills.

Consider Getting a Ceiling Fan Mounted

Although the air conditioning is the best option for your office, sometimes you might want to consider installing a ceiling fan mounted as it may use lesser energy to achieve the same result as the using the AC system. It will do most of the cooling, meaning that you use the AC less.

Keeping the Windows Closed when the AC is on

Opening the windows in the office might be counter-productive and may end up using more energy on the AC. The system operates by cooling the air in the room, and opening the windows means that there will be interference from the outside air, forcing the AC to work harder. Additionally, there may be entry of dust, which will result in clogging of the system.

Installing a Smart Thermostat

The thermostat basically regulates the operations of the air conditioner. It regulates the heating and cooling mechanism and a thermostat that isn’t smart may end up consuming more energy that a smart thermostat. You might thus need to change the thermostat at your office to a smart one and expect a lower energy bill next month. Contact us  at Wayne Price Heating and Air Conditioning for any queries you may have concerning the cooling system at your office and have us send our technical team to diagnose why your bills are high and provide solutions.


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