3 Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Avoid Them

When the hot days of summer hit, you will surely want your air conditioning unit up and running at optimum efficiency. That is precisely why it is so important to keep your air conditioner maintained. An annual inspection by a certified A/C technician ensures your unit will function at its best when you need it to. … Read more3 Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Avoid Them

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

When was the last time you changed your air filter? If you’re like most homeowners, it has been months – maybe even years. While most people replace the filter when their air conditioning stops working efficiently, neglecting your filters can cause plenty of problems. From higher energy bills to more allergens and lower air quality, a … Read moreHow Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Top 5 Questions to Ask Concerning Your AC Repair Estimate

Did a recent routine air conditioning maintenance appointment show some more serious problems that call for a repair? Perhaps it is a fix that you have been anticipating and want to tackle now. There are five questions to ask your professional when you are considering an AC repair estimate. How long will this job take? … Read moreTop 5 Questions to Ask Concerning Your AC Repair Estimate

Heater Checkups are Now Being Scheduled!

With your air conditioning unit operating at peak performance, you are comfortable in your home. Since your AC repair jobs are all taken care off, what is next on the agenda? Considering that the kids just went back to school, you know that fall is right around the corner. In fact, now is an excellent … Read moreHeater Checkups are Now Being Scheduled!

Ruptured Heat Exchanger

Have You Had Your Heat Exchanger Inspected? Heat exchangers are essential part of any kind of HVAC system. Heat exchangers contribute substantially towards energy conservation and reduction in energy bills. This furnace recently needed a new heat exchanger. When the heat exchanger ruptures this is how the carbon monoxide fumes put off by the burning gas … Read moreRuptured Heat Exchanger

Replacing A Roof Top Air Conditioning Unit

Contact the experts at Wayne Price Heating And Air Conditioning for Waxahachie Roof Top Air Conditioning Unit installation, repair, and maintenance. We are experienced in working with businesses of all types helping them install, repair, and maintain their rooftop units. We’ve worked with countless businesses of all types to help them find a system for their … Read moreReplacing A Roof Top Air Conditioning Unit

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Wayne Price HVAC specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication. The HVAC installation below included a Bryant fan coil with auxiliary drain pan and float switch installed on heavy metal stands with a foam rubber sound isolater between the fan coil the wood supports. Contact us today for custom sheet metal fabrication