HVAC Experts Talk Chimney Caps

Wayne Price Heating and Air Conditioning professionals are among the few HVAC experts to offer sheet metal fabrication services to its customers. In addition to handling the custom ductwork that the installation of a new air conditioning system requires, it also allows for the manufacture of custom chimney caps. Who Needs a Chimney Cap? Whether … Read moreHVAC Experts Talk Chimney Caps

New HVAC System Installed? How to Maintain Your Warranty.

If you have just had a new HVAC system installed in your home, you probably spent a sizable investment on it. Although a new HVAC system can be well worth its cost, the last thing that you want to worry about is paying for repairs later on. Luckily, your new system should have came with a warranty … Read moreNew HVAC System Installed? How to Maintain Your Warranty.

Preventative Maintenance Minimizes HVAC Repairs

Although homeowners in certain areas rely on their heating system as early as the beginning of fall, most of Texas is safe from cold temperatures until wintertime. It is quite possible for some homeowners to never need to rely on their heating system to stay at a comfortable temperature, but for those who do, placing … Read morePreventative Maintenance Minimizes HVAC Repairs

Heating Repair and Installation Before it Gets Too Cold

As you know, it tends to stay warm a bit longer in Texas than it does elsewhere in the country. However, as you probably also know, the day will suddenly come when you and your loved ones will feel like you’re freezing and when you’ll need to turn your heater on. It’s not a good … Read moreHeating Repair and Installation Before it Gets Too Cold

It’s Heat Exchanger Inspection Time!

Fall 2015’s kickoff is the perfect time to have the HVAC system’s heat exchanger inspected. It is a central part of standard, HVAC systems. Material must enter and exit the exchanger properly in order for the system to be effective. And that goes for both heating and cooling modes, which is why the cusp of a … Read moreIt’s Heat Exchanger Inspection Time!

We are Ready To Service Your AC System!

The hot weather has appeared on schedule and air conditioning systems are now used on a full-time basis. This is a major expense during the summer, and the system needs to operate efficiently. Wayne Price Heating And Air Conditioning services air conditioning systems to make sure spending on every energy dollar provides maximum comfort. AC Tune-Up Now Putting … Read moreWe are Ready To Service Your AC System!