Improve Your Air Quality with an AC Repair Service Call

If the pollen count is more than you can endure, your home should be a refuge from the allergens. Even here, there is a chance that indoor air quality is triggering some allergic reactions. Did you know that you might be able to reduce allergens inside with an AC repair service call?

Improve Your Air Quality with an AC Repair Service Call

Beyond a Tune-up

If you made the time to schedule a tune-up of your equipment, your air conditioning system should be in excellent shape. That said, it is always possible that the first few weeks and months of using it will have put a strain on other parts of the system. A quick service appointment may make it clear if you are dealing with improperly filtered air. Even if the majority of the airflow is filtered, it only takes a few allergens to worsen your air quality indoors. As the irritants cycle through your rooms, your allergies act up.

What to Expect during the Service Call

An AC repair technician visits your home.

  • System inspection. The professional checks the components involved in the filtering of the airflow.
  • Filter check. In some cases, the technician may suggest the use of different air conditioning filters to trap more allergens than the popular brand can do.
  • Duct cleaning recommendation. Another option is a thorough cleaning of your duct system to minimize the buildup of dust. If you had some home improvement work done after your system’s spring tune-up, there is a possibility that the ducts are now releasing trapped dust.

Contact us today to schedule your service call and once again enjoy a low-allergen indoor air quality.

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