How to Fix the 10 Most Common AC Problems

With temperatures in Waxahachie, TX nearing 100 degrees, the last thing you need is to have your AC break down. Many people rely on air conditioners to keep us cool, so it’s important to know what problems to look out for if your AC starts to act up. Here are the ten most common AC problems homeowners face and how to troubleshoot them.

How to Fix the 10 Most Common AC Problems

1. AC Won’t Turn On At All

If your air conditioning unit suddenly shuts down and won’t turn back on, it may be caused by dead thermostat batteries, loose wiring, or a broken circuit breaker. Before you contact an HVAC professional, try to replace the thermostat batteries or reset the circuit breaker.

If the issue persists, do not attempt to repair loose wires yourself. Contact Wayne Price Heating and Air Conditioning to help you professionally diagnose the problem.

2. The AC Is Blowing Warm or Hot Air

This is an obvious problem and one that needs to be quickly resolved because no one wants to sit in a room with hot air blowing at their faces. Check your thermostat and confirm that the temperature wasn’t accidentally changed. If the thermostat is at your desired temperature, change your air filter.

If your AC is still blowing hot air, you may need to top up your refrigerant. Refilling the refrigerant is not a job we recommend doing by yourself because the chemicals can be dangerous if not carefully handled. Call an HVAC professional to help you replace or repair your refrigerant reservoir.

3. Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

AC units can be loud, but there might be a problem if you constantly hear it running. Not only is it an indication of an internal issue, but a constantly running AC will hike up your electricity bill. There could be multiple causes here, but the first thing you should check is your thermostat. If turning off the fan doesn’t shut off your AC, you’ll need to contact your local HVAC repair center.

4. Your Unit Is Leaking

While it’s not uncommon to see some condensation leaking from your air conditioner, too much leaking or bright stains around the unit is a cause for concern. It may be a case of a condensate line clogged with mold or debris. It’s is a simple fix if you’ve got your manufacturer’s manual handy, but if you’re unsure of how to unclog the pipe, our HVAC technicians are readily available to do the job for you.

5. The Unit Is Repeatedly Turning On and Off

This issue is more serious and could cause an expensive fix if not taken care of immediately. If your AC is turning on and off by itself, it could damage the compressor. Check the air filter for any clogs. If the filter is clean, the issue could be a faulty thermostat. If you’re unable to repair this problem by cleaning the filter, we suggest you hire Wayne Price Heating and Air Conditioning to resolve at the problem for you.

6. There’s a Weird Smell Coming From The Unit

Whether you smell something burning or something musty coming from the air conditioner, you’ll want to check that it’s not malfunctioning. If you smell something burning, it could indicate that there are wiring faults, or that your system is overheating. Immediately turn off your AC unit and check the air filters. If it’s just the case of a dirty air filter, replace it.

The best way to prevent AC problems is to schedule a regular annual inspection to ensure that your AC will run at its absolute best.

7. You Start To Hear Strange Noises

You’ll notice when your unit begins making weird noises because you’ll have grown accustomed to it’s normal noises. If you hear any squeaking, abnormal vibration, or grinding, this is a red flag, and the problem needs immediate resolving.

Contact your closest HVAC consultant to take a look at the underlying issue. The optimal way to prevent any future noises is to schedule regular maintenance.

8. Your AC Keeps Tripping A Fuse

The breakers in your house may trip if your air conditioner is not properly installed. It could be due to an unqualified HVAC technician using the incorrect-sized wire or circuit breaker. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by contacting a fully-trained and licensed HVAC professional to install your AC safely.

9. There’s a Substantial Amount of Ice Around Your Unit

Your system may be working overtime to cool your home if you find ice forming around your air conditioner’s condenser coils. The ice isn’t a major issue, but you’ll see the damage done when you receive your electricity bill. Check if your air filters are dirty because this is the most common cause of icy condenser coils. If this doesn’t do the trick, you might have an issue with the AC’s condenser units.

Our dependable HVAC technicians at Wayne Price Heating and Air Conditioning can swiftly repair your unit for you. Contact us today if you need help resolving your condenser coil problem.

10. You Notice Your AC Bill Has Skyrocketed

While air conditioners aren’t known to be budget-friendly, you’ll notice when there’s a dramatic increase in your electricity bill. Air conditioners are often created to continue running if there are minor issues, but these issues can cause the unit to run inefficiently and use more energy to produce cool air.

If you are having AC problems, and none of these solutions solved your problem, it’s time to call an HVAC specialist to check your AC. At Wayne Price HVAC, we have over 40 years of experience in this industry. We are highly committed to quickly and effectively helping our customers. Call us today at 972-834-2568 or reach out via our website, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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