AC Tips on Drain Line Clogs

AC Tips on Drain Line ClogsIt’s a busy time of year for AC Repair companies and families alike. However, that doesn’t mean we can all grow lax when it comes to taking care of routine, household tasks. Being lax may feel good in the short-term but it will likely cost big in the long run. Let’s take air conditioning drips and drain line clogs as examples.

Our Waxahachie, Texas AC repair techs can generally spot a drippy, grubby, blocked drain line from a great distance away. Tell-tale signs are puddles of water in areas that are meant to be dry. Examples include, but are not confined to the air conditioning system’s metal cabinet floor and surrounding, concrete pad or wooden stand.

The good news is dirty, drippy lines are often resolved with a simple, 10 minute fix. The 10 minute fix involves cleaning the drain line with natural, household products. Good choices are white vinegar and mild peroxide. They are traditionally gentle enough on the system’s plumbing but tough enough to dissolve organic clogs and kill algae. However, they must still be used with caution.

Failure to use caution could push the clog or algae buildup deeper into the pipe. It could also cause unnecessary surface damage to the system’s plumbing. And that could lead to rusty, leaky pipes or pans. As such, clean-outs should ideally be performed by AC repair professionals. Cooling system experts have access to tools that will prevent those kinds of drain pipe clean-out mishaps from happenings. They also know which natural and man-made chemicals are safe enough to use on hard to dissolve clogs.

To learn more about dealing with a cooling system’s dirty, drippy drain lines and schedule a visit with our AC repair team, please contact us online or by calling today. We’d be happy to clear the system’s condensation line during our visit.

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