Can You Save Money On Air Conditioning & Be Comfortable This Summer?

It is a common misconception that saving money on air conditioning is only possible when you turn off the unit. But rather than sweating and suffering discomfort this summer, why not work with your neighborhood HVAC specialists to have both: cool air and low costs? YES! You can save money on air conditioning bills and be comfortable this summer.

Can You Save Money On Air Conditioning & Be Comfortable This Summer?

It Starts with a Tune-up

Spring maintenance is one of the most important appointments you can make for your air conditioner. The experts check the system, look for problems with the ducts, and ensure that the machinery is in top working condition. Small tune-ups here and there can result in significant savings down the road.

Meet the Filters

Do you know what filters your air conditioner needs? Would you know where to locate them or even how to change them? If you are unsure, simply ask the technician who comes out to tune up your system. Manufacturers typically recommend changing the filters at least once a month. If you have multiple pets, you may need to do so more frequently. Dust and fur clogging the filters cause the system to work harder. This, in turn, uses more electricity and costs more.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Leaving home for the day with the thermostat set too low is a mistake that everyone makes every so often. Why pay for air conditioning you are not at home to enjoy? Some thermostats let you program your entire schedule so that the system can kick on just before you get home and turns off after you leave. You are comfortable and save money in the process.

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